A month of Celebration in Mexico 🇲🇽

A month of Celebration in Mexico 🇲🇽 3

September was a month of Celebration in Mexico. Mexico celebrating their independence with street lights, dancing in the streets and reenactment of the Cry of Dolores. The cry of Dolores triggered the Mexican war on 16 September 1810. A Mexican priest Miguel Hildalgo y Costillo rang they bell at his church and gave the call […]

Trying to get fit in the mission field.

Trying to get fit in the mission field. 7

Three years back I was as fit as a fiddle. Then my disk 3 & 4 moved when I did a snatch in anger. I left Mexico for Africa and got into some bad saying habits. Which means in African term I start to prosper or in other words, a picked up some unwanted weight. […]

Discovery (Jesus) Groups

Discovery (Jesus) Groups 9

Tonight we had our second home group, but our first that we put our nets out to the unsaved. Mexico is a religious country. And many people know about Jesus. Like the know a famous person. But never took the opportunity to Make Jesus their Lord. So we let people let the discover Jesus In […]