Person of Peace

Strategy 1
I bought for the late Ps. Antonio a new Personal Bible and a John Maxwell book. Also bought his church some Spanish bibles

This starts with finding a person of peace, (This is someone who has influence in his or her community, and who God has ultimately called to pastor a church.) We teach them biblical foundations, leadership skills, and most importantly, how to teach the Word of God. The Person of Peace becomes our conduit to access the community as we go out and share the Gospel, person by person.

Starting with Home Groups

Strategy 2
Home cell in Merida

Next we start home churches, bringing them together into small groups in their local area. When four or five small groups are formed, we bring them all together into a bigger building where we can have Sunday services. The plan is for this newly formed church to raise up a leader to go out and start another church. 

The following Steps Will Take place:

  • Find a person of peace
  • Evangelize Circle of Influence for the person of peace
  • Evangelize the community 
  • Start home groups.  When five groups form, we bring them together to have Sunday service
  • Teach foundational training 
  • Equip and disciple leadership  
  • Faith, Systems and Culture are developed to promote church growth