Johannes Swart- Founding Director 3

Pastor Johannes Swart (AKA Janes pronounced Ya-nes) from South Africa, became a Christian in 1991 and worked on short term missions until he was called into full-time missionary ministry in 2007.  Preaching the word and planting churches has brought him to many different locations in: Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Columbia and Mexico. 

Though the road has been rife with hardship Janes’ deep desire to bring hope and encouragement to local church leaders has caused him to press on in his calling as a “pastor of pastors”.  

The Beginning of Expand Ministries & Aid International

IN 2018 Pastor Janes founded EMAI in order to have a greater focus on training indigenous, local church leaders in the areas of effective teaching, discipleship, and community outreach with the intention that local pastors will then teach others to do the same. With the emphasis on quality over quantity Janes comes alongside local pastors building trusting, enduring relationships in order to help deepen their relation with the Lord and strengthen their ministry within their own churches.

Called by God

Called by God 1

It is an honour to write these few lines about a wonderful man of God, who has been called by God to plant churches and raise up leaders in unreached areas. The Grace of God on Pastor Janes’ life is evident by the fruit that remains in the churches he was used by God to plant

Evangelist Grant & Theunisina Neyt

Mission Work in North Africa

Mission Work in North Africa 2

Since 2007 I have had the honour of working with Missionary Janes in both North Africa and East Africa. It has been a source of great pleasure to have known Janes since 2005 and be a witness to how the Lord is using him, strengthening him and leading him. Anyone working with Janes on the missionfield will be impressed by his work ethic, boldness, courage and humility. I would encourage anyone to sign up and go on a ‘short-term’ or long term mission with him. We pray for you brother Janes and we know Jesus has wonderful things in store for your future ministry.

Joseph Gordon Jones

Janes Swart

. Janes is a dedicated disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ. He participated in fellowship groups and over time progressed to the position of elder. He is a diligent worker in God’s field, trustworthy and faith-filled. He answered the Call to leave everything that he knew behind to continue God’s work in a different part of the field. I am grateful that I met and worked with him. I can recommend him for any position that the ministry may deem fit for him.

Warm regards,

Anthea Amadi-Echendu