Expand Ministries & Aid Internationally

Our Founder

Expand Ministries & Aid International Founder Johannes Swart

Johannes Swart or Janes as some people calls him have been a full-time missionary since 2007. During this time he almost died from measles, hacked in the face with a machete and were several times in between shoot outs between Police and not so friendly people. He have planted over 45 Churches and Also overseen several more. He Ministered at several Churches outside his ministry in San Francisco, Ca, San Mateo, Ca, Dallas, Tx, Houston Tx in the United Station , Johannesburg, Durban, Empangeni and Polakwane South Africa

Countries that Johannes Swart & Expand Ministries & Aid Int. Minister the Gospel

His message to the his churches is of hope, encouragement and to live a life that brings Glory to God

He Founded E.M.A.I in 2018 to have a greater focus on Training Local Missionaries and to Plant Affective Churches that is teaching the uncompromising Word of God that can send People out and replicate it all over again. Choosing Quality over quantity that will bear fruit towards the masses.

Our Mission

Expand Ministries & Aid International (E.M.A.I) Is an International Christian Ministry that Is Providing Training & Mentorship For Pastors and Plants Churches and is also providing Physical Aid Necessary Life Skills where needed

We are a small non-profit with a big reach and big hearts. We have planted churches in Uganda, Kenya, Mexico, Tanzania and soon we will enter into South Sudan. Our Aim is always to plant new churches and by evangelizing the area. We work with Men of Peace that we Train Mentor so that the can duplicate what the have learned from us into other faithful men and woman of God.

Our Vision

Is to Plant Bible Based Vibrant Churches that impact their Communities And To raise up local Missionaries that can help to expand the work quicker

The Person of Peace

We find a person who is have influence in his community and that we know that God have called them to pastor a church. Sometimes we have led them to lord. We teach them biblical foundations and leadership skills and how to teach the Word Of God. Then we go out to the streets and we evangelize the neighborhood one on one. We start bringing them together into small groups in their area and when we 4-5 small groups we bring together into a bigger building where we have Sunday service.

Why Home Groups?

It helps building community. Christianity is about relationships there are many scriptures that encourages relationships. Together we are stronger and can learn from each other. It also help us train leadership quickly. Which also helps to EXPAND the church very quickly and effectively. We have a training system that developed and train leadership so that they can confidently and full of faith serve their community.

Key Church

Not only do we put the principle of duplication in our home groups but in our churches also. We focus on planting a key church that can train and develop key leaders and who can go out and plant churches. We found that this is the most effective way to plant churches quickly.

Equip To Expand

Did  you know that that 85% of the world pastors in specially In Africa, Asia and Latin America have no training at all. That is have we have developed our own training program that can effectively train pastors not only in biblical skills but also how to manage their Churches

Aid & Special Projects

The majority areas we work in  is mostly rural and it is out of reach from most big Nonprofits can only focus on the masses. That is why there is a need for smaller nonprofits like us to help the those who needs help the most. As some of the needs are different, we are a Jack of all traits. We always do work through a local church or with the purpose to plant one the area.