Church Connections

Connecting Churches
Church Connecting with each other

Expand International & Aid International connects churches in the United States with churches across the globe in our network as they seek to share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and fulfill the Great Commission.

We want local churches to know how God is working both here and among the nations and then present them with opportunities to get involved. We invite your church to prayerfully consider supporting us as we help a hurting church

There are a few ways you as a church can get involved

  1.  Prayer is the most powerful weapon we have as a church. Pray for our safety and favor wherever we can go and for wisdom. Also trust with us for finances
  2. We love people visiting us in the mission field. And love to receive a group or a single volunteer at a time.
  3. Partner with as financially, you can partner to with us as a ministry or you can adopt a special project. You as a church can create events to raise finances etc.
  • If you like to invite a Representative of Expand Ministries & Aid International, please fill in the form down below. And tell us the reason for the invitation