Newsletter April 2020

Newsletter April 2020 1

In the middle of April, I send out an urgent email for food for Orphans in Uganda (people we not allowed to work their gardens) and Struggling Elderly and single moms families in Mexico. All I can say is thank you for your generosity. The biggest need is in Uganda and I made sure that is […]

Pay it forward project (Beta)

Pay it forward project (Beta) 4

This week we start a new project. Testing the waters to see what happens. As many of you know Expand Plants Churches. That is what we do. And that will always be our focus. The second part of our ministry does have aid in it. Our hope is to start a sustainable project that can […]

The Street Kids-Ministry Highlights October

The Street Kids-Ministry Highlights October 6

This month newsletter will be a bit different then the normal Church Planting and Training Newsletter. While writing the newsletter last month , I thought to myself how nice will it be to write something different then the norm. So this month it is bit different Getting Connected When I arrived back from Busia in […]