Ministry Highlights July 2020-Church is open

Ministry Highlights July 2020-Church is open 1

I know I skipped last month’s Ministry Highlights. I couldn’t personally stand another newsletter without opening churches. Also we had a fairly Big tropical Storm and it rained for straight 9 days. It Rained so Much that the Police recently caught a crocodile in a City in Northern Yucatan that is about 50 miles from […]

Newsletter April 2020

Newsletter April 2020 2

In the middle of April, I send out an urgent email for food for Orphans in Uganda (people we not allowed to work their gardens) and Struggling Elderly and single moms families in Mexico. All I can say is thank you for your generosity. The biggest need is in Uganda and I made sure that is […]

Ministry News March

Ministry News March 3

Dear Friends Like most countries, Mexico is currently in panic. We have a bag of mixed messages from the federal government, State Government and then rumors and fake news. In Mexico, we have churches in 4 different states with different approaches to pandemics. Never mind the government in Africa. In Uganda we had the police […]

A month of Celebration in Mexico 🇲🇽

A month of Celebration in Mexico 🇲🇽 6

September was a month of Celebration in Mexico. Mexico celebrating their independence with street lights, dancing in the streets and reenactment of the Cry of Dolores. The cry of Dolores triggered the Mexican war on 16 September 1810. A Mexican priest Miguel Hildalgo y Costillo rang they bell at his church and gave the call […]