Ministry Highlights March 2022

Ministry Highlights March 2022 1

2022 started by a door that the Lord has opened, I finally have a 4-year visa to stay in Mexico. The Lord truly made away, change laws, and Just happens to be that I stay in one of 6 states, and mine was the easiest to apply for the visa. In January after I received […]

Ministry Highlights

Ministry Highlights March 2022 2

The church in Juncal have Finished putting on our new roof. It took us two year to raise the money. The church raised ¾ of the money by selling food and sweets after the service and Expand help with the rest. Thank you for all those that contributed. The Church is Growing  On my recent […]

Ministry Highlights

Ministry Highlights March 2022 3

15 years back I climbed on a plane from Johannesburg to Nairobi. If I knew what was waiting for I would never have climbed on that plane. I am grateful for God that has protected me through the years. All that he did for me and all those he gave to me that are partners […]

Ministry Highlights July 2020-Church is open

Ministry Highlights March 2022 4

I know I skipped last month’s Ministry Highlights. I couldn’t personally stand another newsletter without opening churches. Also we had a fairly Big tropical Storm and it rained for straight 9 days. It Rained so Much that the Police recently caught a crocodile in a City in Northern Yucatan that is about 50 miles from […]

Emergency Covid-19 Relief- We need your help

Ministry Highlights March 2022 6

We are receiving more and more requests for help from our pastors, as many are in poor countries with no government help, and many are running out of food. We need your help to for food for them, their members and the help us keep feeding the #orphans #covidrelief