Ministry Highlights March 2022

2022 started by a door that the Lord has opened, I finally have a 4-year visa to stay in Mexico. The Lord truly made away, change laws, and Just happens to be that I stay in one of 6 states, and mine was the easiest to apply for the visa.

In January after I received my visa I went on a planned trip to Honduras. Because of the cost of my visa and travel cost, I planned to travel by bus through Guatemala. I decided the use a border crossing that is the nearest to my home. Because I have never been through this part of Guatemala I found everything about the border, including going on a Guatemala government website to find out what is the covid restriction for Guatemala. (I usually use the United States, state department travel information). Wednesday got my test and cross the most beautiful border that I have seen. Since the Customs office is about 10 km inland took the bus, the bus company look at my passport and look at my covid test. They took me to the customs office and when I arrived, I had to turn around since I am not vaccinated. I simply don’t have peace in my heart about it for myself, since I already had covid, I am ok. For the first time in my life, I was not allowed to enter a country. My trip to Honduras is been postponed to April this year.

Ministry Highlights March 2022 1
The Mexico-Guatemala border is one of the most beautiful border crossings I have ever been to. And had to return due to ever-changing travel restrictions


Ministry Highlights March 2022 2
The building outside still needs to be painted and some part of the wall needs to be plastered

Our church Building in Juncal is finally Finished. For all those who gave into Expand partnered with the church. The church members themselves have contributed the majority towards the building. We have one scheduled church plant out of the church in Juncal for this year. Due to the high cost about $5000-$6000 excluding travel costs for me.

Ministry Highlights March 2022 3
Windows installed, the floor fully tiled also we have a door

East Africa

I am planning to travel to June/July East Africa to visit my churches. Do training with the pastors. Visit some of their projects. The street Kids in Kenya that we take care of were sent to school. The church in Busia provided most of the funding for the kids but need some help

As Always thank you so much for all those who give financially and pray for me.

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