The church in Juncal have Finished putting on our new roof. It took us two year to raise the money. The church raised ¾ of the money by selling food and sweets after the service and Expand help with the rest. Thank you for all those that contributed.

Ministry Highlights 1
It took us 2 years but we are grateful for God that answered our prayers

The Church is Growing 

On my recent trip we have baptized 9 new believers and there is another 6 that is waiting to be baptized next time. We have to cross the river to Pastor Benigno homestead to do baptisms.

Ministry Highlights 2
We baptized 9 people next time we will baptize another 6 more


Ministry Highlights 3

Pastor Jimmy went to visit some of our churches in the Western Nile region of Uganda. His church and some other donors have donated seed that to give to the widows so that they can plant to feed their families

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