15 years back I climbed on a plane from Johannesburg to Nairobi. If I knew what was waiting for I would never have climbed on that plane. I am grateful for God that has protected me through the years. All that he did for me and all those he gave to me that are partners in the ministry.

I don’t always mention everything in the newsletter but in August I had covid-19. I wasn’t very sick, just lost and smell and I was very tired for three weeks. Thankfully when all the lockdowns started I started doing training again, doing “CrossFit with homemade weights. And eating very very healthy. I have done L1 Crossfit trainers courses, weightlifting, and gymnastics, So I know food and exercise, but not always doing it.

 Last November, I started having heart arrhythmia.  During that time I kept on trusting God and he healed me.

Praise God this year I started doing training again and I’m on a healthy weight.


Pastor Paul Aliker has started a new church near The Congolese/Uganda Border. Please pray that we can raise funds for the roof of the church. We also trust the Lord the funds for the main Church in that area

In the last few months, Pastor Jimmy has set up a Rescue Centre to help young girls between 12-17 that got pregnant through being raped or being promiscuous. These girls are abandoned or are forced to marry the boys. We first try to negotiate with the parents to let them stay and then we teach them a skill to do hairdressing or making clothes.

One of our recent rescues has been “punished” by her school and suspended. She has been abused and we gave her a safe haven

Ministry Highlights 1
Some of the single young moms that we are give skill training


We have started sending the street kids to school. Please pray for these kids that they do well as many haven’t been in school for years.

Pastors Benson church in Kayole Nairobi has been kicked out of their building after 2 years. What happens sometimes is people pretend to own property and rent it out and then years later the real owner comes and then well either you renegotiate or move. We were kicked out. Please pray that we can find new place to have services. We cure have open-air service 

Ministry Highlights 2
We have started sending the street kids to school


We are planning to plant five new churches and three of them are in different stages of planning. The other 2 we are trusting God for wisdom and praying for key persons to start churches with

The church in Juncal is busy putting a new roof this week. Praise God for that. Thank you to all those who helped.

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