Ministry Highlights July 2020-Church is open

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I know I skipped last month’s Ministry Highlights. I couldn’t personally stand another newsletter without opening churches. Also we had a fairly Big tropical Storm and it rained for straight 9 days. It Rained so Much that the Police recently caught a crocodile in a City in Northern Yucatan that is about 50 miles from the ocean and 80 miles from the nearest river.

Just after the storm a spider bitten me on my bottom eyelid. I went to the doctor and he told me if I came later I would have needed surgery. The swelling lifted but because of all the pus the top part got affected. I prayed and Jesus healed me.


Ministry Highlights July 2020-Church is open 1
We helped pastor Fransisco to open a small business so that he can support his family. His daughter is the sales lady

Praise God we started having church. We are allowed to have 25% of people in the church. All our churches are open in all three states. We had to close a church in Quintana Roo. The church couldn’t afford rent during the lockdown. As Always I helped the pastor Fransisco Soto and his family with food and rent and help them to start a small business so that they have money for food. We will restart the church soon. Since the busses are not running yet to where my churches are, I am looking for alternative transport


The government finally let churches open again at 50% and only 18-50 year olds are allowed to go to church and services are only allowed to be one hour . We have to disinfect the church regularly and to accommodate every one we are having two services on a sunday.

Ministry Highlights July 2020-Church is open 2
The Church is only allowed to have 50% percent of people and only from the ages 18-50

Our garden in Busia gave its first harvest chickpeas and sukuma wiki.

Ministry Highlights July 2020-Church is open 3


Uganda Started to open for a few weeks in the Covid-19 cases and started to rise again. So We had to rush to Baptise people Bugiri and then Pastor Jimmy had an eye clinic where they hand our reading glasses.

Ministry Highlights July 2020-Church is open 4
Basic eye test that was run by our Streams of Mercy project in Uganda

People were rioting in Busia the last few days so we couldn’t do all that what we wanted to

Ministry Highlights July 2020-Church is open 5
Our church in Bugiri Uganda baptized people before the lockdown restarted in Uganda

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