Emergency Covid-19 Relief- We need your help

During this time many people are struggling during the lockdown. As we serve mainly poor countries many of people are struggling. We are starting receiving more and more request for help from our pastors that struggle during the extended lockdown. Most of our money goes currently to orphans in Uganda and street kids in Busia for food.

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    2022 started by a door that the Lord has opened, I finally have a 4-year visa to stay in Mexico. The Lord truly made away, change laws, and Just happens to be that I stay in one of 6 states, and mine was the easiest to apply for the visa. In January after I received […]
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    The church in Juncal have Finished putting on our new roof. It took us two year to raise the money. The church raised ¾ of the money by selling food and sweets after the service and Expand help with the rest. Thank you for all those that contributed. The Church is Growing  On my recent […]

We need more funding to help the kids and our pastors and where needed some of our members. We know during this time many are struggling but if your able to help even $10 can help a family for 2 weeks with Ugali(maize poridge)

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