In the middle of April, I send out an urgent email for food for Orphans in Uganda (people we not allowed to work their gardens) and Struggling Elderly and single moms families in Mexico. All I can say is thank you for your generosity. The biggest need is in Uganda and I made sure that is where most of the money went. At that time I didn’t fully understand the complex situation. Most of the kids do have HIV & AIDS. These kids can’t take their medicine without food which makes them more vulnerable to other deceases

Pastor Jimmy Wandera is the senior pastor of Christian Family Fellowship,Masafu, Uganda. His church is where our headquarters is for East Africa/North Africa. He and his church have started taking care after these kids since 2010 and is currently looking after 260 kids that they place at suitable families and the church helps to feed the kids and send them to school. This excludes our other projects that are looking after the elderly and the Widows and teaching vocational skills to the local community. We also reached out to the South Sudanese camps in Northern Uganda

Newsletter April 2020 1

We had a huge challenge handing out  food. Firstly, Ps. Jimmy couldn’t get the money from the bank due to local rules and networking problems. He also had to get special permission from the local government to hand out the food

Newsletter April 2020 2


All the supermarkets had limits at what we can buy. We have a registered nonprofit in Mexico and even with that, the Supermarkets refuse to sell me extra food.  I asked my neighbor who has a “Tlapalería” hardware shop and he ordered from the distributor’s food and toilet paper and soap and when available Cookies for the kids.

Newsletter April 2020 3

We had to go through several police blockades in order to deliver food near our church in Merida. Thankfully because of the Nonprofit we can move around within certain limits.

Hopefully, all the lockdowns will be lifted, our current lockdown is until 8 May. My first order of business in Mexico will be to start a new church on Island in the Usumacinta River on Tabasco/Campeche state border.

We Still Need Extra Food for the Kids In Uganda and Single Mom and Elderly In Mexico. The Street Kids in Kenya need some help for Meds for skin deceases.
Thank you so much for Partnering with us

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