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Dear Friends

Like most countries, Mexico is currently in panic. We have a bag of mixed messages from the federal government, State Government and then rumors and fake news. In Mexico, we have churches in 4 different states with different approaches to pandemics. Never mind the government in Africa. In Uganda we had the police making sure we not doing Church.

In Kenya,

we are doing home churches as most east African Countries is in lockdown. The police tried to chase out the street kids out of Busia. I saw a post on Facebook where the police broke a kid’s arm. Some of the photos Pastor Fred has to send me, showed their faces bleeding and swelling. About 18 showed up at the church. We managed to return three of them to their parents. 15 is sleeping in the Church. However, we don’t have food for them as the church is closed and we are having home churches. People are not working so the church doesn’t receive money to help the kids

Ministry News March 1

Out Street Kids sleeping inside the Church

In Mexico,

we are doing home churches, the federal government allows 100 people, but on state-level, it is 10 I had to postpone my travels due to travel restrictions and I will focus for the next few weeks on Merida until I can travel again.

Many shops and businesses have closed and many people are not working. which means they have no income. We are partnering at this stage with our church in Merida helping people in our community. Helping out with the basics beans and rice and Toilet paper.

Ministry News March 2
We are handing out basic items in Merida to help those who doesn’t have income


Pastor Jimmy traveled for me to do training at our churches in Nebbi and Kitgum. In Nebbi we planned for 20 pastors and 60 showed, from Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo Some of them walking barefoot. In East Africa, culture when you have guests, invited or uninvited you have to feed them. We are thankful because of your contributions we were able to train them and give them food during this week.

Ministry News March 3
Over 60 pastors came from western Uganda and the democratic republic of the Congo for training. Many walking barefoot and long distances

We also have two new Churches in the DRC

Pastor Jimmy Training Pastors in Nebbi, Western Uganda. Many of them walking long distances barefoot so that the can receive training

PS. Wilbert from Kitgum sharing what my ministry meant to him

Our needs.

1 We would love to get food for the kids that are sleeping in the church the cost is about $20 per day to feed all of them

2 We would love to hand out more food in Mexico showing the love of Christ we can feed a family for a week for $10h

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