Mexicans- always have a helping hand

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I am often asked what is people reaction to me or how do they receive me on my travels for mission trips. In my last newsletter, I mentioned how I got stuck in a restroom gate. What I didn’t tell you afterward there was a man that helped to find the person to open afterward door for me to go into the restroom. Not only did he help with that he made sure I know where to wait for my connecting bus and what time it will arrive.

Mexicans- always have a helping hand 1
Mexican sunset. There is an ocean behind those bushes since I’m traveling on a bus this is the best I can do.

On my next stop there is this lady that have a make shift coffee shop that is at the bus stop. She always make sure I know when the next bus comes and then make sure I got on it.

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But the most humbling experience was when I got into the Minibus taxi. It was full. And elderly gentleman refuse to sit until he made sure I have a place sit since I was foreigner.

That there was humbling.

Then there are the ladies that cook for me. And they go all out. I often eat so much I can roll back home.

Mexicans- always have a helping hand 2

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