Ministry Newsletter:January 2020

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A Blessed 2020 to you and your family, I pray for you and your family will have an amazing year.

I want to thank you all who partnered with me in January I appreciate it. And also thank you to all who helped when my start To January got rough.

Got stuck in a toilet gate

There are a few rules when traveling as a missionary:

  • Never stop and eat at a roadside stall before a bus ride
  • Always make sure you have toilet paper near
  • And pack lite

As a very experienced missionary that just celebrated 13 years in Ministry, I broke all 3 those rules. At least on the last one, I had a good excuse.

It started with the temptation of the rich aroma of tacos. Then there is the gamble. There is a reason gambling is a sin. And since I was very early for my bus, I stopped, it was awesome. Until 5 hours into the bus ride. The bus service that I used, do have onboard restrooms. But toilet paper wasn’t available.

Ministry Newsletter:January 2020 1

So finally when I arrived at my bus stop I had to go to the restroom. The restroom are paid entry and the for some reason this gate payment thingy worked on a timer. While I was getting ready (I had to my bag full of bibles on my head and try to lower down since everything in Mexico is build for people who are 4 ft tall) to enter it started to beep. I only managed to get in halfway and I was stuck…

Ministry Newsletter:January 2020 2

I managed to forcibly break free in reverse and thankfully they let me in through the side door.

It was good to be backed in Juncal, the church is growing and we are planning to plant 2 more churches from this church in the next 4 months. And one of them will be on an Island in the middle of a River. We have land we have wood we just need Irons Sheets for the roof that will cost about $1000.

Ministry Newsletter:January 2020 3

My excuse for traveling a bit heavier then normal I was carrying Bibles and children’s books with me. And next time when I come again I will hand out more.

Ministry Newsletter:January 2020 4

During the Christmas festivities and New year, I haven’t been sitting around. Our First Foundational Course will ready in two weeks and the Spanish end Middle March. The second one Building a Strong bible Foundation will ready soon.

Ps. Jimmy Wandera who helps to oversee the churches in east Africa have planted a new Church in Northern Uganda

Ministry Newsletter:January 2020 5

Our needs

I have still ways to go to reach my fundraising target for the first semester-ish. Please prayerfully consider partnering with us in reaching the people God has called us.

  • We need Iron sheets for the church roof $1000
  • I have to visit my churches in East Africa $3000 this includes tickets, transport and other related costs for a period of two months.
  • We have some administrative fees in about 2000. This includes registration in Kenya
  • And I still have personal need of $4000 ($1000 for each month)
  • And about $1000 to help our pastors/churches with different projects

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