The best and worse of 13 years of ministry

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Mid-January 2007 I left my job and moved to Uganda, with a dream in my heart to plant a Bible School. God had other plans.

Through the years I have faced man challenges had malaria several times, almost died of measles and got hit by a machete in the face.

I saw the worst in humanity when in 2008 after elections broke and the people got angry and turned to violence to show their anger.

My heart broke when I travel to northern Uganda to see the effects of the LRA war. When the LRA Rebels abduct these kids they made the kids hit their parents with A club until they are dead and then make the kids lick the blood of their parents. Just imagine what it did to those kids.

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I have to be honest, I went to my room lock the door and cried that night

I have learned the price of kid to be sold into slavery is a low as $5

A few years later I moved to Mexico City. Missionaries invited me to see a documentary called Volviendo (The Return). It was about human trafficking in Latin America. That night door had to be locked again.

The Best of Humanity
I have seen people open their homes for me that had nothing, cook for me and gave me a place to sleep. Once the Bus I traveled with from Kitido Uganda to Jinja. Got stuck in the mud. Not for from this area a priest was killed in a bus by the Karamajong warriors.

While we were walking to get help, I ministered to the Somali conductor. Sadly he didn’t accept Jesus as Lord at that time. I and I managed to get a ride to the next town called Mororoto with the Uganda Defense Force Ambulance. That night his family fed me, gave me clean pants and a pace to sleep.

I once ran out of money in the middle of the village and had to walk out. I didn’t eat for 4 days, at that time there was no food in the village. I walked for about 18 miles. Thankful a pastor from another church in the bushes blessed us with money to catch a ride to the next town.

I have been given goats, chicken, the ministry has received land to plant churches. People who have nothing  helping other people that have nothing

Thousands of people gave their hearts to Jesus, we planted many churches.

I’m also thankful for the people that have partnered with me over the years financially, prayed for me and my team of Pastor that has stood by me through difficult times. I honor you all. Without you, this will be impossible. Thank you

Teamwork makes the dream work.

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