Unforgiveness the path to distraction

A couple of years back I was preaching in Church near Kampala Uganda. I and the pastor were sitting and talking about ministry. A lady came to us and asked if I could pray for her mentioning all the things that have gone wrong in her life.

She steps on something and her foot started to swell. She accidentally bumped the candle over and her house burned down. And her small baby was just to mention a few things.

When I wanted to pray for her the holy spirit stopped me and told me I can’t pray for her there is unforgiveness in her life.

I told her what the Holy Spirit said and she said she has forgiven everybody.

I still felt in my heart I was right and explain to her that the reason why we repent is not that God is angry with us but that our unforgiveness and our sin is stopping Him to bless us.

Finally, she went to the corner of the church. She came back and told us that the moment she started walking to pray her leg started to burn. And after she prayed all the pain in her foot was gone.

Let me know in the comments if I can pray for you or tells how God answered your prayer

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