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As we reached the end of this year I will be honest, I’m glad 2019 is over. It was tough on me almost every aspect of my life and ministry. And one thing that I have to learn it easy to focus on the negative especially during the festive season.

I will celebrate 14 years in fulltime ministry mid-January. In the last 14 years, I think I spend 3 or 4 Christmas with my family in South Africa. Some of them I spend with friends in the mission flying, and I will never forget Christmas when Kenya had the worst violence in years after the presidential elections.

During Easter and Christmas, I don’t preach at my churches. If I do it’s like choosing a favorite kid. And because we have so many in the family it is an impossible task to please all. Christmas can get lonely and challenging

Count your blessings each and every one-A Good start for 2020 1

This year I wrote personalized thank you letters to all of our financial partners. While signing them I thought this is heart work. And the Holy Spirit said to me you are blessed. All these people stood by you during a difficult time.

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Focus on all the Good God has done

King David when he faces Goliath he said to King Saul that he saved the lion and the bear and God have given him victory.

In fact, the Bible commands us to do it

Count your blessings each and every one-A Good start for 2020 4
If there is nothing you can think about to be thankful, Jesus paid for our sins and there is a lot of good in his word

I can tell you after this piece and joy came into my heart. I realized I had so much to be thankful for all that God has done. 2019 could have been a bigger disaster. Praise God I’m excited for 2020. I know he will make away where there is no way

Tell us the comments on what are you thankful for or tell us how we can pray for you!

Count your blessings each and every one-A Good start for 2020 5

Johannes Swart

I am a missionary and I love Jesus With all my Heart. I have planted Churches in 6 different Countries by God's grace. From Sunny Pretoria, South Africa
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