Pay it forward project (Beta)

This week we start a new project. Testing the waters to see what happens. As many of you know Expand Plants Churches. That is what we do. And that will always be our focus. The second part of our ministry does have aid in it.

Our hope is to start a sustainable project that can help people over a long period of time. A local project with a local solution.

As our focus is more and more on Mexico and the rest of Latin America we are starting to test to see what will work or not.

Laura (The Wive of Ps. David) ask me to help her to buy some Turkeys that she can sell at Christmas. I thought it is a brilliant idea. So we bought her Turkeys, sufficient food for the turkey until December and the necessary vaccines.

She has to pay us back by nominating another Lady to help in our Churches community who will replicate the process all over.

We focus on woman as most husband’s and has greater pressure on short term concerns. Like putting food on the table and that usually messing up our whole project.

It cost us $50 and she will sell the turkeys for 250 USD. Earning about $200.

As it is a small beta project we prefer to keep things small and manageable.

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