The Unplanned church on a Ranch

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We started 2 Discovery Jesus Groups in a neighboring farming community called CuxCuxcapa (Shu-shu-Ka-pa). The one with Trino (the accident-prone gentleman) and his family. And with another family about 3 miles from there. We are going to start two more groups in this area alone in the Next Month.j

Church service in Mexico
Our first service at our new Church

It is this group that exploded. Ps. David and Ps. Laura started the group. The first day 15 people arrive. The Discovery Jesus group is supposed to be only 4-8 people. What even more amazing is that they are all confessing Roman Catholics and ask us to start a church for them. I will admit it gets a bit awkward when they do all the cross your hard thingy when we start to study the Bible.

Ps David and Ps Laura
Ps David and Ps Laura

In this area, if you go to any other Church then a Roman Catholic Church you might get disowned, kicked out of your family and some violence have been reported.

Yesterday (Thursday) we started the worship service not everyone arrived but we are happy. They even started to live up their hands during worship.

Currently, we are looking for a place to worship on Sunday. Once we have a place to do churches will bring the other groups into the meeting. We are allowed to do worship on Thursday on the ranch.

Tía Rochi sitting on a chair at Bible study
Tía Rochi says her animals stopped dying after she started reading the Bible

Tia Rochi (Aunty Rochi)

Part of the discovery group is to share something that you are thankful for or something that God has done for us. Lately, some of Tia Rochi animals died regularly. But since we started studying that Bible together and she been reading the Bible on her own, her animals stop dying off.

I will be one more month in Mexico and will go to the states for a few weeks in October and Return to Mexico and then Early Next year to North Africa.

I will do more training with our leaders in Juncal where we will send people out soon to start two new churches.

Tortilla with a sausage

On personal not, I discovered my favorite Mexican food. Some South African Biased might be involved. Who knew Boerewors on a Tortilla might taste so good. According to the locals, you can only get it from one town called Jalpa Mendez

Monument with a man on a horse at Jalpa Mendez
Jalpa Mendez is where butafarris come from. This monument is also in honor of the town’s residents who won a battle against the French with only one gun

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support. We can’t do this without your support. If you like to partner financially with us you safely donate through EMAI PayPal account or through our partner Map Global.G

If you would like to pray for us here some prayer point
We are currently trusting for a person of peace in a few towns and cities where we would like to start Churches. These cities include Mexico City, Villahermosa, Jalpa Mendez, and Nacajuca

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