Who do you please man or God?

It’s Saturday night spending time with the word of God. I have to admit mostly throughout the day my attitude was stinking and to be honest, I was a bit disappointed how many people showed up on our first service on Thursday at our newest Church and some other things that were on my mind.

The Holy Spirit started to deal with my heart about why I’m doing what I’m doing. Do I want to look good for men? Our financial benefactors? Or to God?

That is a hard question. Benefactors like to see fruit. And we as a ministry need their financial partnership. So it is easy to fall on that trap.

We sometimes stop being thankful for the little things God is doing. And it is all that we are doing for God.

That is another lesson I learned. I thought I knew what Grace meant. But grace means God’s unmerited favor, his influence in our heart that makes us break out in Joy and being thankful.

I checked and double-checked the meaning in the strings dictionary and CWSB dictionary.

End of the day my call is to preach and present the gospel. It is something that I’m truly thankful for. Even if no show-up. End of the day I must do it to please God!

What are you thankful for? Is there something that you need to give thanks for that you might have taken for granted?

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