Trying to get fit in the mission field.

Three years back I was as fit as a fiddle. Then my disk 3 & 4 moved when I did a snatch in anger. I left Mexico for Africa and got into some bad saying habits. Which means in African term I start to prosper or in other words, a picked up some unwanted weight.

The Journey

The journey back has been slow. Sleeping in funny places isn’t good for my back. I recently got some maintenance from a Chiropractor. So the journey began last month. I first started walking with Ps. David. He tries to get his family walking with us. But it takes more effort then to walk the 6 km. Know it is about 10 km. One thing about Mexico is that it has these amazing sunrises. So when I run I will stop to take photos.

Sunrise with a golden glow
Early morning walk after it rained. I stopped a lot to take some pictures


We recently started running about 5 km and there is a lot of room for improvement. Hate is a strong word but I will use for running 🏃.

Palm trees and sunrise
This picture with the sun at the back wants me to think where is the beach 😎

So today, while we were walking pastors David’s teenage son, asks me if I’m tired after 2 km. A reference to me that I’m old and unfit…

Castle with sunrise
Well here is tomorrow tacos I mean here is some cattle.

So I promised him a surprise halfway. As a level 1 CrossFit Trainer I have some experience in setting up workouts. However my starting WoD today is used to be my warm-up.

The Workout of the Day

3 Rounds

20 x Push-ups

20 x Sit-ups

20 x Air squats

I did this in less in 7 mins David 13 min and his teenage son 16 min.

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