Meet Musafa

This little puppy is the latest addition to the pastors family I am staying with. He is a Charpe crossed with something else. The family wanted to call him Bimbo 🙁. Naming him After a Mexican bakery company. I objected. So we decided to call him Musafa. In Swahili it means means King. And yes its name of Simba’s dad in the lion 🦁 king 👑

Speaking about names, I’m discovering a few kids in Campeche and Tabasco with name Johannes

Many people think that I preached every day and do outreach everyday. It is a small and a very important of planting churches. However, most of the important work gets done behind closed doors or around food or coffee. This where pastors asks most of their important questions. And where I can speak into their life’s about things that I can’t mention in a class sitting. Most of our planning gets done behind closed doors. I’m fully convinced this where most of our success 📈 comes from.

1.Super Administrator

I’m also responsible to teach and look after the administration of the ministries. From book keeping. Making sure we have database of all the members. Also follow up of first time visitors. Also that we have a strategy in place to that the Church grow. I’m also responsible to make sure we are compliant to government rules and regulations.T

2.Training Leaders.

Doing Church is a team sport. Any team needs a coach and a captain. I train many leaders in a class setting but also show them how to do it like doing evangelism and running home groups.

3.Making disciples.

Most of my pastors study the Bible with me when I am their area. Jesus said make disciples. You have to pray together and study together and let’s also people see how you overcome challenges by the grace of God.

Saved this dog from a terrible name and 4 Other Things that i do as a missionry 1

4.Obligatory eating

I have to eat sometimes a lot of food. Just the other night I have been invited to two graduation dinners. Exactly the same food. But I had to go to both


Johannes Swart

I am a missionary and I love Jesus With all my Heart. I have planted Churches in 6 different Countries by God's grace. From Sunny Pretoria, South Africa
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