The Dream Still lives-Ministry Higlights​

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Thank you

Thank you to all who gave, prayed, helped in some form over the last 7 months, a big thank you for your generosity. Without you, all of the things God is doing through this ministry will not be possible. Ministry is a team sport. I know that my God will bless you and give you the same reward that I will receive in heaven

It is wonderful to be back in México. Not speaking Spanish for three years and suddenly been thrown into the deep end, was definitely challenging. Thankfully most people appreciate my effort and by the Grace of God understand what I’m saying.


Over the last two weeks, we had over 80 salvations. The Lord had healed many people including an elderly Gentleman that could not see in his one eye and was deaf in his ear. After praying for him, we tested his eye and ears. And he could hear and see all eyes and ears. Sadly I missed the opportunity to record his testimony. But we did record other testimonies that we will put up over the next few weeks. I just have to put the English subtitles on the videos.

We Have a Bible Institute

We are grateful towards Pan American ministries for allowing us to use their Bible Institute in Mexico to train our Pastors and leaders at an affordable price for them.

Ps. Fransisco Soto has started a church and I will visit him soon

Culpilco & Comocalco Tabasco

Pastor David and Laura have started two churches near Comocalco. They have been going through a difficult time. And with our help started farming Chickens. Sadly all the chickens have died. They managed to buy some chickens again and pigs to help financially. Ps. Laura has started making homemade ice cream that she sells to help the ministry. I recently taught her how to make peanut butter ice cream.

They are in the process of buying land for the church.

I will be spending time with them, training leaders and beginning home groups. Your Prayers will be appreciated. This area is a very challenging area and people are involved in witchcraft a lot.

Juncal, Campeche

Juncal is not a big town, but we can say by God’s grace that it is officially a Christian Town. I’m grateful toward Jesus for allowing us to be part of it. We have been given land to start a church in a nearby town and also been invited to start a Church in another.

It during our services here that we have seen God moved, healed the sick. 

We will start Bible School here in September and also we will be baptizing people at the end of July. 


I received an update from my Ugandan Pastors and they have planted a church in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 🇨🇬. So when I visit Africa, I have a lot of traveling to do.

Prayer needed I will be staying longer in Mexico and will be staying in a village for the next two months. Pray for my safety and that the bugs stop eating me up. We will be registering as a religious organization in Mexico. Please pray for favor with the government. We are not registered for 501C3. However, you can make a taxdeductible donation through Map Global

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