A Facebook reminder: Exchanging a goat for a church

This happened last year and the post came up as a reminder. Sadly I couldn’t return to Uganda to plant the church. But it is still a great story

Breakfast Tradition

Per my tradition, I usually go for breakfast at a nice restaurant at the beginning of the month and I had to do a few things afterward. I convinced my Boda Boda (motorcycle Taxi) driver who I met for the first time to go for breakfast with me. He was a bit shocked at the prices, not a hundred percent sure, but I am convinced that his breakfast cost more then he will earn for the day.

Picture of a Goat
The purpose of the picture of the goat 🐐 is just to make the blog look nice

A Goat as Gift

He asks me if will go and visit his village. I said yes. He said, in that case, I will give you a goat. 😳. Which I thank him for. And I was wondering what am I going to do with my goat 🐐. Probably goat stew with some peppers

Exchanging a goat for a Church

So I ask him if there is a church in his village. He said no there isn’t. And I asked him rather then give me a goat if rather will help plant a church in his village…

He said yes. Praise God!!

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