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Special Projects 1

 It Is important to show the Love of Christ to communities in need which builds relationship and trust with local community and government. This will often open up new doors. We are currently Working with streets kids on The Kenyan/Uganda border in Busia.

 In the past we ran feeding programs for children in Mexico during summer holidays and took part in Operation Christmas Child run by Samaritan’s Purse.. We provided mosquito nets to pregnant women and young children, and bibles and children books and we  did several farming projects to help the churches

Our Current Humanitarian Projects

Special Projects 2

Busia Street Kids Projects

Busia Town is bordering with Busia Town Uganda, both towns are struggling with a large and ever growing street kids problem.

Many of these children are orphaned or left home due to physical abuse.  One the streets they are considered to be part of the lowest of lows and are beaten by  the police or the city community. Even at the local  They get addicted to glue and get in trouble with the local community. In 2018, one of them was brutally murdered.

Short Term Goals

We at E.M.A.I want to make a difference in these kids lives and show them the love of Jesus in three simple ways:

  • Firstly, to try to reunite them with their parents
  • Secondly, to provide at least one meal a day to a maximum of 50 kids
  • Thridly, to ensure they have a safe place to wash and spend the night on our church property in Busia

Street kids Budget-2019 Budget

Long Term Goals

Special Projects 3
  • To get them adopted (Kenyan Laws states that orphans must be raised in Kenya
  • Locally provide opportunity for them to go to school. ( if they do well at school the Kenyan government will give them grants ($150) per year per kid.

Start teaching them basic skills (farming, carpentry etc.) to provide for themselves

Mosquito Nets

Special Projects 4

Malaria is one of the biggest killers in Africa, it currently kills more people in South Sudan then the civil war. It is something that can be prevented through education and mosquito nets. 

We usually provide treated mosquito nets for mothers with children younger then 5 years and we treat nets when possible. One net is $20 in East Africa and our focus is to hand them out in Northern Uganda and South Sudan. Our Goal is to hand out 100 through our churches for 2019.

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