The Street Kids-Ministry Highlights October

This month newsletter will be a bit different then the normal Church Planting and Training Newsletter. While writing the newsletter last month , I thought to myself how nice will it be to write something different then the norm. So this month it is bit different

Getting Connected

Murray at The back and Ps fed and …. one right and the kids with their new clothes

When I arrived back from Busia in Nairobi, I met Murray Cunningham from Cookeville, Tennessee. During our conversation he mentioned he brought some clothes for street children but he couldn’t find any in Nairobi. As any Good missionary would do, I mentioned that we have a street children problem in Busia. And soon we took the gruelling 10 hour overnight bus to Busia to hand out the Clothes that he brought from the USA and we returned the same night with the bus to Nairobi.

We Received Deworming Medicine and Vitamins from Medical team World Widw

Hunger Pain Is Gone

When we arrived we fetch about 10 children, one of the things that moved me deeply was how many of them had glue bottles in their hands and the condition of their clothes. We took them to the church property where Murray handed out new clothes to them and understandably they were a bit to eager for new clothes and getting order was a challenge. Rarely have I experience genuine thankfulness like these young gentleman expressed. We also took them for lunch afterwards at a local restaurant and for $4 we fed all ten kids and afterward some of the comments were: “The stomach (hunger) pain is gone “

We Bought Food For Ten Kids for 4 USD

That Sunday about 20 kids showed up again and the church gave them food handed out the rest of clothes. Ten of the kids said they didn’t want to return and Pastor Fred the Senior Pastor of the church took two kids  into his home and we manage to find the mom of the kids. The other ones dad sadly said that he doesn’t have a son.

Traveling Again

During that same week I received a message from Murray that he wanted to see the kids again. So we travelled again to see the Kids and  handed out more clothes, feed them again and gave them some vitamins and deworming medicines compliments of Medical Teams World Wide. We also taught them how to make smores. PS If ever meet some African Kids that refer to smores as American Nyama Choma (American barbecue), I am responsible for that…. Sorry!

We also shared stories and the kids shared the reason why they are on the streets. Many of them have been with parents that are divorced and their step parents abused them by letting them work as their “personal slaves”. Some left because their parents abuse alcohol, others their parents died due HIV/AIDS. We also prayed with some of them to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour 

Since then We Manage to reunite another Kid with his parents

Handing out vitamins

It is the church desire to take responsibility for the kids but in the beginning they going to need some help. We will help to finish the roof of the main church, the church and our surrounding associated churches have committed to finish the rest of the building, that will help to double the membership which means we have more finances to help the kids. The building will also provide a safe place for them to sleep at night. We also will need to a  water well with a manual pump so that the kids have a safe place to bathe and wash their clothes. (Click Here if You like To Help with the Kids)

  • Our prayer is to reunite children with their parent where possible
  • Also try to put them through school
  • We hope in the beginning to help feed the Church regularly
  • Help provide Clothes and Shoes

We are very Grateful for Murray and all that he did for the kids. Also a Big thank you to all how prayed and contributed towards the ministry

Prayer List!

We are currently working together with a few people to see how can we continually help these children together with the church by feeding them helping them with clothes and a save place to sleep and paying school fees.

That Hearts are change with kids and parents so that we can reunite them.I am also planning to travel to raise funds

Please Note that We are registered in Texas as Non profit (and we do have a EIN) and haven’t registered yet as a 501c3

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We are committed to take the Gospel wherever the Holy Spirit leads us rural, war zones etc. We depend on Good Hearted people to partner with us financially.

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