In Busia Western Kenya there is several hundred street kids that have been abandoned by their families or their parents have died. These kids started showing up at our church and the church is trying to help feed the kids. However we are limited in our resources as most of the members are mainly sustenance farmers.

We had some people that help us with new clothes and food. We would like to continue showing the love of Christ to these kids. Some of the kids are refusing to go back to the street and have become our responsibility. Please Prayerfully consider helping us financially.

For as little as $5 we can feed 10 Kids and We are wavering about 20 kids. for 25 USD we can put Children Through School and give them food everyday.

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Johannes Swart

I am missionary and I love Jesus With all my Heart. I have planted Churches in 6 different Countries by God's grace. From Sunny Pretoria,South Africa he loves to do scuba diving, Crosfitt and Photography when the opportunity presents itself
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