Out with The Old In with The New

Seven years back we have planted a church in Ojamii Kenya. For many years they had their Sunday services in a Classroom. It limited them to have meetings only on Sundays. They have saved up money and bought their own piece of Land. We had our last service at the classroom and the we moved to our new place. Considering their are not a rich church God have blessed them and Jesus is Building His church. They will soon start a feeding program for the street kids.

Ministry in Western Kenya


I ministered for four days. God moves greatly and several people gave their hearts to the a Lord and received healing. We also did some planning and looking for ways to finance land. We will start with growing pigs and selling them when they are nice fat. And save up the money until we are able to buy land.


God moved greatly and healed several people. And I was hosted by a gentleman that used to be part of Adi Amin army in Uganda. And They also prepared a breakfast for a army

Tough Times.

When I left to the bus park in the city centre they distracted me and my Uber driver and stole his cellphone.

When we left to visit the church in Sikulu two members left on a motorcycle and were pushed of by a truck. Fidelia the Lady that hosted me, had a fractured arm

On my way back from Busia I started I thought I had food poisoning. However I discovered that I had malaria. 

Thank you for all who pray for us and partner financially with us. This will not be possible if it weren’t for you!

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We are committed to take the Gospel wherever the Holy Spirit leads us rural, war zones etc. We depend on Good Hearted people to partner with us financially.

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Johannes Swart

I am missionary and I love Jesus With all my Heart. I have planted Churches in 6 different Countries by God's grace. From Sunny Pretoria,South Africa he loves to do scuba diving, Crosfitt and Photography when the opportunity presents itself
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