Teaching to fish-I mean farming pigs

Church planting is not simply a go and evangelizes get people together and there we go… people need a place to worship where they come together. Depending on the country, city or town, it can be anything from $20 000-$1000000 that can have a 100-200 seater church

If you plant 5 churches every year that can get expensive. We also believe to “teach to fish”. Through the years I have bought pigs and goats to help finance land and church buildings in Uganda. I give half and the church gives the other half for the piglet. Then we feed it, Make sure it grows nice and fat and sells it.

The piglet cost $35 and we sell it for about $140 or we make sure that we buy a boar & a gilt (if she hasn’t had piglets yet) and make sure we have piglets later.

Teaching to fish-I mean farming pigs 1
Brother Steve (Left) have promised to buy one pig for every pig the church buys up to 5 pigs.

Yesterday we did that some with one of our Churches, EMAI will buy one pig every month and that the church buys one. We will do this for five months, we should have all the money we need to buy land in one year. And soon we can build the structure and later a building.

One of the more wealthiest brothers decided to do the same and provide a piglet for every pig the church buys. He will also make sure that all the piglets get all the necessary injections.

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