The best food in the “mission field”


My introduction to food in the mission field (Uganda) wasn’t that Great and it was a bit crazy. So let’s us start with the worst then progress to the best. The lady that hosted me the first time in the bushes, let us say she can’t cook at all, from entrails in the fish, Not cooking the vegetables properly and the list go on. I have to give her credit the only decent food she cooked was termites. It tastes like onion. I recently spoke to a Kenyan pastor that can’t handle the food in Uganda and ask the Ugandans to only cook rice for him

Sudan and South Sudan

The best food in the “mission field” 1

In Sudan and South Sudan, the eat a lot of Ocra and millet. The Ocra looks like snot… and you just want to puke looking at it. Recently I had fish there that was overcooked. South Sudan let us just say there is a reason why they import all the cooks…

Mexico & Colombia

The Mexicans, in general, have the best food of all the countries I have traveled too. With so many varieties and different names from state to state. I can’t remember all of them. Colombia is a country after my own heart. Meat lovers heaven. It is grilled meat mostly with some veggies.

And Sudan Again

The best food in the “mission field” 5

The best meal that I had was from a “Suk” Market In Kurmuk, Sudan. That lady knew how to cook goat meat. Goat meat stew with local baked bread peppers. It makes me mouth water just thinking and writing about it. It also can be because we usually had it when we cam out of the village

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