Ps Fred handed out several Exercise books in the Refugee Camp

The Problem

South Sudan have been in war for almost 60 years and many people don’t know anything else then war. Generations couldn’t go to school to learn or write and is struggling today. When people struggle and have no Hope they get angry and fight. Most people in most countries that are involved in crime haven’t had sufficient education. People will do whatever to survive. It is our theory that partly why Civil War broke out in South Sudan after independence is people didn’t know how to rebuild their lives. Five Generations know nothing else the civil war

How can you make things without how to knowledge to measure things?

How can you sell your produce without the ability to do maths?

How can you learn  and sign contracts without the ability to read?

Our Motivation

Through the years I have helped many kids in many countries go to school when their parents couldn’t afford it. Sometime these parents make great sacrifices to send their children to best Schools they can afford and on top of that they they have to buy the text books, stationary also. 

Many of these kids that I have help turnedd out to be great adults and some of them are studying to be lawyers or to be in business. If a little bit of help change the destiny of their life’s how much more can we do for countries and cities where people can’t afford education on a bigger scale. We Can Help Changing Mexico and South Sudan

Our Solution

As a small nonprofit we are not ready to build schools yet, but we can help the children with the basics. Although this might seems minimal, but imagine how expensive these thing are for a family that lives on  less on a dollar a day $25 Worth of Stationary will go along away. when we are successful we can look at Sponsoring children or even build a School

We would like to help with

1. Blue, Red and Black pens 

2. Pencil to draw and to coloring in 

3. Erasers

4. Pencil Sharpeners 

5. Exercise books to do their school work in. 

6. Pencil cases/bags 

7. And a bag to keep it all together 

The estimated cost is about $25 and we would like to help 250 children.

We want to help 100 Children in Mexico in our four churches that is in Rural Mexico and 150 Children in our communities in North of South Sudan where we work together with Greater Nuba Action Coalition, they are currently developing a a curriculum to help train teachers.

How Can You Help?

* Firstly you can help by donating from as little as $5  

* Or you can help by purchasing our Making the world a better Place apparel and if you want you can donate also on that page. Click here to go to store (All Apparel Ships World Wide

* You share this on your preferred social media site. 

Any extra money that we raise will go towards textbooks 

We Thank you for all your help

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Johannes Swart

I am missionary and I love Jesus With all my Heart. I have planted Churches in 6 different Countries by God's grace. From Sunny Pretoria,South Africa he loves to do scuba diving, Crosfitt and Photography when the opportunity presents itself
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