Ministry Highlights-August 2018

EMAI is a month old!!

This is our first official newsletter as Expand Ministry & Aid International. Our Directors iS Rick Carter from North Carolina, Who have served in Several Leadership Positions over the years, John Jefferson Arizona, that was a director at a large Corparationad And Johannes Swar

New Church in Tabasco Mexico

Ministry Highlights-August 2018 1
New Church Planted in Tabasco, Mexico

This one came in as a surprise. Ps. David Frias just send me the photos and said I have planted a new Church. Most of them are new Believers. It makes our heart all warm and fuzzy. he is in the process of trying them. Grateful that Jesus is still Building His Church!

Ministry Highlights-August 2018 2
The Youth Group Playing Soccer

Rememberer Church that was attacked you Muslims in Kenya

In July at the end of Ramadan some Muslims destroyed our tent and attacked Ps. Charles. The community wanted to retaliate and thankfully Ps Charles was able to stopped them. He decided to continue the work in Makadara. 

Ministry Highlights-August 2018 3

Many people didn’t return at first, the church repaired the tent and we had to make it a bit smaller. Ps. Charles by the grace of God healed a lot quicker then what the doctor said. We currently have about 120 members and we used to be 200.
We will shortly do some training with Ps Charles  to take the church underground by running home Fellowship groups when necessary and have the infrastructure to train and develop his people through home Fellowship groups.

Ministry Highlights-August 2018 4
Sunday school 

Please pray that the Lord provided opportunity for us to minister to the people.

We are also in the process of planting a new church with Ps Charles in Kawangera  and the first Home fellowship group is running. Hopefully in this month we will be able to some evangelism and start more small groups

Future plans

We would love to help the Numbian Community in the North Of South Sudan that is currently fleeing the war in Sudan. Their leader feel there is a need for school stationery and we would like to take some up next year February. It helps us to build relationship with the community and makes our church planting a lot easier. 

In the Bible the Numbians is called the people of Kush and Remember the Ethiopian eunuch that Phillip preached to in Acts 8:26? He was from Numbia and at that time Nubia ruled over Ethiopia. 

Partnering With Us

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us financially, we do need some funding to continue the work and every little bit help. From as little as $5 we can start to travel. We mainly travel by public transport to keep the cost low and sleep mostly in the villages. Our hearts is for the people to reach them. Through the years we have helped to put many children through school and University and help families with food. We can start to feed families between from $2-$5 per day and it is showing the love Christ to them. 

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