The question that people ask me the most

Today I had a conversation that I had hundreds of times and to a certain degree i still be a kick out of it And 90% of the time it is the same conversation over and over again. I had this conversation in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, South Sudan, Colombia, Mexico and the United States. I would have thought with the history of South Africa and Mr. Mandela’s legacy people will know more about South Africa and that South Africa have more the 5 000 000 white South Africans.

The conversation usually goes like this:

Them: Where are you from?

Me: South Africa

Them: But where are you really from? In Which country were you born in?

Me: South Africa and my parents also and their parents also, in fact my family arrived at the cape in 1658 from the Netherlands.

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Them: Really are you sure? (As if I am not sure where I was born or my parents) but you are white?

Me: Yes I am sure, I speak a African language as a first language. And we consider many African traditional food as our traditional food.

Then stills in disbelief and a bit of surprise so you are really an African…

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