Fishing Boat at Dar Es Salaam

Planted a New Church in Dar Es Salam, Tanzania

Church in Dar Es Salaam

We are very excited to announce that we have planted a new church in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania with Ps. Alfred Zunda (Watch His Testimony hear. We started at the beginning of the month doing door to door evangelism, did some biblical and mentorship training with him. During my stay we had three different fellowship groups with the majority of them new believers. Sadly there were a few people that were to scared to commit to their lives to Jesus as Tanzania have a large muslim community.

One of the reason why we go to the streets doing evangelism is because many people know about Jesus but never have made a commitment with him and putting their faith into What Jesus Did on the cross for them

We are very privilege in our churches back home the majority of us that is sitting in church have a lot more knowledge then the average pastor in East Africa Africa. when we did training with Pastor Alfred and Ps. John Joseph, Ps Joseph commented afterwords that he a lot of things have been explained to him that he had major questions about

We handed out new bibles to New Believers and we wrote a personalized messages from the Benefactors. The recipients are thankful for the Bible’

Praying for the sick

We prayed for several people and The lord healed many of them, from back pain, headache, and Malaria. We got a call from some people that needed prayer for their mother. Originally they wanted to go and pay a pastor nearby to pray for her. We went and prayed for her. For the first time this lady is able to sleep with a fan without difficulty to breath and even take a cold shower with no issues.

Place of Worship

We also find a place where the church can fellowship on Sundays. It needs a lot of work and finances. It needs a Restroom and a church office, Sound Equipment, chairs etc. We will rent this land/building until we have find a permanent land.

What is next?

Johannes Swart will return early in 2019 to do extra trains with ps Alfred. the will later the year go to southern Tanzania to look for more church planting opportunities. We have to translate all our training material into Swahili.

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