June Highlights- Ministering in Tanzania

This will be the first newsletter that this missionary is writing in seven years. I  had the opportunity to travel to Tanzania and minister at several churches, was supposed to help one of my church planters but he never showed up. The Lords was very gracious and about 60 people came to Jesus in the services and many people received their healing. I preached almost every day and ministered at 5 different churches. I came to help one of my church planters from Uganda, but he never showed. Doors went open to preach and an opportunity to plant a church next month in Dar Es Salaam.

Roasting Coffee

The Hymn that Confused me

Then more on the fun side there was this one Swahili song that the churches loved to sing. I recognized the song and I tried to remember all the Hymns I know from Afrikaans to English song. I just couldn’t remember the name of the song. Then it hit me that it was an old Afrikaans folk song.

Church Attacked

Sadly a mob of Muslims destroyed a tent that we used for the church in Nairobi. They also attacked the pastor of the church and he had to go to the hospital and was badly injured.

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