Emergency Care for Christians in Pakistan

One month ago on August 16th a Christian community in Pakistan was attacked by a mob claiming Christians created an offence against their religion. While the nature and even existence of the offense was still in question, houses were being burned along with churches resulting in great losses. Some lost everything, but their faith.

Many houses of Christian were burned with all their belongings.

Today the rebuilding process continues though there is still fear and not a little discrimination if not outright persecution of Christians ongoing. It is up to the Christian community around the world to step up and stand in the gap for these brothers and sisters who have suffered so much in recent weeks.

Many Churches buildings were also burned and believers have church outside

We must help them rebuild their lives, churches and communities and withstand these evil times representing the kind of love we are to have one for another.

We have created a relationship with a local church that has been serving in the area of Jaranwalla where the atrocities took place. Bethel Church has been working there since 2002, running an orphanage and other programs and they have been working tirelessly to support victims.

The aftermath of churches and and their members home that we’re burned by a mob

Your donation will directly impact the lives and ministries of persecuted Christians in Pakistan.

All donations for Pakistan is done through MapGlobal

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