Sometimes we don’t always get the ending we want!

In Busia Kenya, a young boy (14 years old) heard about our Hearts of Embrace street kids project. He decided to investigate if the stories on the street were true of the church that look after street kids. After staying with us for 3 weeks he decided to fetch his young brother that is 9 years old.

The search for Mom

After two months the kids wanted to find their mom. Ps. Fred who is the senior pastor helped them to search for the mom. They find her at Kenya/Uganda Border.

She thought they were killed and the bodies were dumped somewhere. After she wiped her tears and discover that it is a church that helped her kids to get from the streets. She decided to come to church for a few Sundays and later disappeared

The kids are back

After a while, later the kids arrived back at the church with a note that said that the mom couldn’t pay the rent and that she was in jail. Sadly we were unable to find the mom at the time of writing and neither was the reason she was in jail.

We wanted to regulate them with their uncles in Kisumu a city near Busia. The kids said it would be better to live on the street.

Due to heavy rains, we need to finish our building for the street kids a lot quicker

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